Wonderland, the first decentralized reserve currency protocol on the Avalanche network, utilizes its $TIME token, backed by a diversified asset basket, to facilitate staking and minting processes, introducing game theory and economic models into the DeFi space.

NEXO Tokenomics

NEXO provides lending, borrowing, and an exchange, supported by its native token which enables features like dividend payouts and crypto-backed loans; the platform boasts $12B+ AUM, 3M+ users, and compliance through strategic partnerships and audits.

Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol, built on the Terra blockchain, offers a decentralized savings platform with stable, high yields derived from staking rewards across multiple PoS blockchains. Founded by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin, Anchor has attracted significant investment, utilizes a unique governance system to stabilize yields, and incorporates innovative features like instant withdrawals and principal protection through over-collateralized loans.

Celsius Network Tokenomics

The Celsius Network offers a financial platform for lending, borrowing, and payments without traditional banking restrictions, sharing 80% of its revenue with depositors and employing a native token, CEL, , with $21.9 billion AUM and over 1.5 million users.