DeFi Kingdoms

Written in January 8, 2022

DeFi Kingdoms is an 8-bit GameFi built on Harmony blockchain that is integrated with a DEX, a liquidity pool, and a NFT marketplace with the native token $JEWEL.


DeFi Kingdom gameplay is similar to Pokemon (8-bit) 

Token use cases include:

  • Main token of value in the game
  • Purchase useful items and NFTs, in-game buffs, speeding up build time, etc
  • Liquidity mining to earn more $JEWEL through staking
  • Governance token so holders would have a say for the future of DeFi Kingdom


The goal of DeFi Kingdom is to introduce the applications of Decentralized Finance through gaming in an interactive way, of which the application gameplay includes:

  1. Decentralized Exchange: uses UniSwap V2 protocol
  2. The Garden: place to stake as a liquidity provider
  3. Heroes: the user’s avatar that has attributes like any other RPG games
  4. Kingdom: multiplayer factions in essence


Token-wise, the emission rate is 40 $JEWEL per block, which is relatively high compared to similar P2E games in the blockchain. With the current rate of block time, 1,200 $JEWEL would be minted each minute.


$JEWEL brief tokenomics:

500,000,000 tokens hard capped. 10,000,000 would be pre-minted to facilitate development and necessary liquidity. Funds secured in a multi-sig wallet treasury at Harmony One.


Though DeFi Kingdom has a wise notion in making DeFi interactive, it still lacks the interactive essence in gameplay. The game could be improved by integrating more quests and lore (i.e. bosses to defeat, multiplayer PvE/PvP). 


The team has announced that there will be heroes quest and battle system in phase 2 and 6 respectively. However, the gameplay could be tailored similar to Pokemon Sword & Shield, but without a straight story line.


Though progress has been slow as seen in the delayed Q4 2021 Phase 2 (Heroes & Quest) update, the team is constantly active and friendly in the discord channel.


Users are greeted with a play now screen instead of a bunch of explanations regarding what DeFi Kingdom is.


When the users have several sufficient Harmony (ONE) tokens, they could instantly start playing DeFi Kingdoms and use its features such as liquidity pool, staking, etc even though they do not have funds to summon a new character.


The smart contract is audited by Solidity Finance ( with passing all of the vulnerability coverage.